About Us

Since the foundation of Kasr Al-Ainy Medical School in 1882, the Anatomy department has been a core constituent of the Faculty always providing a main pillar of basic science essential for students seeking knowledge through the medical field.

In the year 1931Dr. Batrawy returned from his mission in England to be the first Egyptian to hold the chair of the head of the Anatomy department. Throughout the years, the department kept expanding adding to its staff a group of the most distinguished professors and academics in the field.

Nowadays, the department possesses 3 dissecting rooms, a museum considered as one of the most famous Anatomy museums in the Middle East and an anthropology research unit. In addition renewal and activation of the plastination unit is carried on.

The department s firmly dedicated in teaching Anatomy to both under and post graduate levels to medical and paramedical students (pharmacy, dentistry, physiotherapy, bioengineering and nursing).

The department has a research policy targeting application of the anatomical science in the medical field.

The mission of the Anatomy is to apply the modern methods of teaching and the continuous communication with the students.